2020 Census

“Census Day,” April 1, 2020, is now less than two years away and the time to act is now!

It is difficult to overstate the importance of a fair census count. When census information is not accurate, it threatens to muffle the voices of undercounted groups and regions, and undermine the basic political equality that is central to our democracy. Institutions across the country - including local and state governments, businesses, nonprofits and foundations - routinely rely on data from the census to allocate funding, define where services are delivered and promote economic development.

The Census Bureau is facing a daunting set of challenges as it prepares for the 2020 census. Since the bureau is facing budget constraints like never before, it is planning to collect the majority of census information online, scale back door-to-door outreach and roll back canvassing. These changes increase the potential of undercounting young children, minorities, low-income individuals and other marginalized individuals. Given the current climate, regional and national philanthropy-serving organizations (PSOs) and their members are needed to advocate and educate elected officials and community leaders on the importance and impact of the 2020 Census on their communities. Even without the changes being proposed for the 2020 Census, we know there were gross undercounts of vulnerable populations in the 2010 Census. This is why the 2020 Census matters to philanthropy.

In San Diego and Imperial counties, a coalition of more than 100 community based organizations is working together to conduct outreach to hard-to-count communities. We are working closely with these organizations and with governments across the region. You can learn more about the community outreach effort by visiting www.countme2020.org.

Resources for Philanthropy and the 2020 Census

Fact sheets and information about the hard-to-count communities in San Diego and Imperial Counties - compiled by The Advancement Project

Resources for Making it Count: Philanthropy and the 2020 Census - Webinar on February 13, 2019

Everyone Counts! How Community Foundations are Connecting to the 2020 Census - The U.S. Census determines billions of dollars in critical funding for our local communities. Unfortunately, those who are most at-risk to go uncounted are often those most in need of the support federal dollars connected to Census data provide. Ensuring an accurate count requires all of us. Review slides from a recent webinar with CF Leads where SDG's president and CEO, Debbie McKeon, spoke about her experience building awareness and support for Census 2020, and explored ways all funders can get engaged.

California State Assembly Meets on 2020 Census

San Diego Grantmakers' President and CEO Nancy Jamison speaks about "Connecting the Census to Californians: The Roles of Nonprofits and Local Governments" at the joint committee hearing at the State Capitol on August 13, 2018. Watch video.


How Can I Get Involved? 

We invite all of SDG’s members and other funders in the region to join us in support of an accurate census count.  

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