San Diego Food Funders

San Diego Food Funders (SDFF) is a funder collaboration facilitated by San Diego Grantmakers that supports the creation of an equitable food system by addressing hunger and other challenges. San Diego Food Funders currently focuses on youth meals.
Specific areas of interest include:
·  Opportunities to leverage public resources (e.g. federal funding for school meals)
·  Addressing operational inefficiencies in agency food acquisition and distribution
·  Supporting agriculture and food-related entrepreneurship

San Diego Food Funders Members


The San Diego Food Funders member collaboration was established in January of 2014 during a reception for local funders that was hosted by the national steering committee of Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders, San Diego Grantmakers, and the Leichtag Foundation, held at the Foundation’s Ranch in Encinitas. The first meeting took place in February with 13 members in attendance.



Past Grantees

Feeding San Diego
As part of Feeding San Diego’s growth in the coming years, we plan to significantly expand our after-school and summer USDA supplemented meal programs (Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program). The San Diego Grantmakers Food Funders gift will help our meal program reach a self-sustaining level of reimbursement, ensuring nearly 700 kids a day all across San Diego get the nutrition they need to thrive.


Kitchens for Good
  With the support of the San Diego Food Funders, Kitchens for Good will expand its youth meals programs to increase the access and participation of at risk youth in the CACFP and SPSP programs.  In FY 2018-19, Kitchens for Good will expand meal distribution to 17 additional sites, distributing an additional 120,000 meals to approximately 1,500 food insecure youth in San Diego County. 



Lakeside Unified School District
The funding we received from San Diego Food Funders will allow us to remodel the Central Kitchen at Lakeside Union School District.  The facility has not been remodeled since opening in 1963 and the staff struggle to keep with the demands of the program.  Despite the current obstacles LUSD is on the cutting-edge of the “good school food” movement which emphasizes scratch-cooking, in-house baked good and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  The funding will allow us to continue to expand our offerings as well as the considerable outreach and education we do for others in the school food community. 


San Diego Hunger Coalition
Hunger Free Kids: The San Diego Hunger Coalition believes that school meal programs are one of the most effective tools available to eliminate child hunger.  Many low-income children depend on school meals as their primary food source Monday through Friday.  The National School Meals Program provides federal funds to schools to offer robust programs for breakfast, lunch, and after-school snack meals.  However, school districts frequently do not have the time or expertise to pursue all of the funds available and to enroll all eligible students in free and reduced price meals programs. The Hunger Coalition works with schools and child development programs to make good nutrition convenient and affordable in kids’ everyday environments. 

Somali Bantu Association of America
For San Diego’s Muslim youth who are struggling with food insecurity, the Free and Reduced Meals Program (FRMP) remains largely inaccessible due to the lack of food prepared according to Islamic law, or Halal (“permissible”) meals. The Halal Making Eating Accessibility a Learning Strategy (Halal MEALS) program aims to bridge this gap and ensure all students are supplied with the necessities to succeed and grow through trainings where leadership and staff of elementary, middle, and high schools in the San Diego Unified School District on (1) how to prepare Halal foods that meet federal nutrition standards and (2) how increased participation in FRMP makes these meals financially feasible.  



Members of this collaboration may email one another at foodfunders[at]

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San Diego Food Bank Nutrition Policy

The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank networks with other Food Banks across the nation to share best practices and ensure we are on the cutting edge of innovation. The Food Bank currently incorporate the following strategies: Ongoing development and refinement of out Nutrition Policy that defines policies for purchased product & distributed product. The purchased product portion defines what food purchases we make. The distributed product portion has been implemented in phases. In September 2014 we eliminated distribution of soda, energy drinks, and candy In...
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Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders (SAFSF) is a national organization that’s mission is to create networking, educational, and collaboration opportunities for the philanthropic community working to support vibrant, healthy, and just food and farm systems.
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