Early Childhood Funders

The Early Childhood Funders seek to motivate a sense of urgency around early childhood needs and bring together philanthropists to increase access to high quality early childhood care and education in the San Diego region.

After hearing Professor James Heckman and philanthropist J.B. Pritzker speak about early childhood development in February 2016, a dozen members of San Diego Grantmakers established the Early Education Funders to explore how to promote and support early education efforts. The group commissioned a study of opportunities for philanthropic impact in our region (building from the national study by Bridgespan and the Pritzker Children’s Initiative) and agreed that the best opportunity is to focus on increasing the quantity and accessibility of quality care. In January 2018, First 5 San Diego provided in depth information about their preschool-based efforts to assess, rate, and train providers. Over the next year, the Early Childhood Funders will bring speakers to the philanthropic community to explore existing programs that can be expanded or enhanced for children ages zero to five. The group will seek existing programs that are high quality and face a hurdle that philanthropy could overcome; or are reaching an important population and philanthropy could help them achieve high quality. By the end of 2018, they aim to identify a collaborative funding opportunity that will catalyze systemic improvement in this area.

Early Childhood Funders Members