Post-Summit Workshop on Gender Norms

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
4:00pm - 5:30pm PDT
Mama's Kitchen
3960 Home Avenue San Diego, CA 92105
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Post-Summit Workshop

As part of its Summit on Advancing Gender Equity, San Diego Grantmakers (SDG) is pleased to partner with the Fieldstone Leadership Network in presenting Gender Norms: A Key to Improving Outcomes among Youth of Color. This learning opportunity is offered to leaders of nonprofit organizations, as well as funders who aren't able to attend SDG's Summit on Advancing Gender Equity.

Workshop Description

Our shared philanthropic vision of a more fair and just society can’t happen without gender equity. Yet, we often fail to recognize that gender norms, or the implicit stereotypes associated with gender, create obstacles to the success of their well-intentioned programming for gender justice. This is especially true for programs that seek to empower and create access for youth of color. Even if they achieve full agency, group norms can act as invisible “guard rails,” locking inequalities into place while shaping and narrowing opportunities for them.

Decades of research has found that when youth of color internalize rigid ideals of femininity and masculinity, they have markedly lower life out­comes in a cluster of related areas that include health, education, reproductive health, and economic security. Yet few nonprofit organizations or their funding partners are encouraged to do innovative work around gender like they are with race and class.

Riki Wichins, Executive Director of TrueChild, will discuss the need for nonprofits to consider gender and gender norms as essential lens for their program strategy. The discussion will call for us to reconnect race, class, and gender in an “intersectional” approach that would dramatically improve the socioeconomic outcomes for youth of color.

Presenter: Riki Wilchins, Executive of TrueChild

TrueChild improves possibilities and life outcomes for all youth by eliminating rigid gender norms. It is a network of leading experts and social science researchers dedicated to helping funders, policymakers, and nonprofits adopt "intersectional" approaches that are race- andgender-responsive. The author of three books on gender theory.

TrueChild Executive Director Riki Wilchins was a recipient of EPIP’s activist award and has written on philanthropy for the Council on Foundations, GrantCraftGuideStar and the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Her writing and research on gender have been published in periodicals like The Village Voice, GLQ, Research on Adolescence, and Social Text. She is currently working on a book on gender transformative philanthropy. Riki's work has been profiled in The New York TimesTIME Magazine selected her one of "100 Civic Innovators for the 21st Century." Riki has conducted trainings for such institutions as the White House, CDC, Office on Women’s Health, and Office on Adolescent Health and philanthropic networks like Philanthropy NY, Jewish Women’s Fund Network, Women Donors Network, Women’s Funding Network, and Women Moving Millions.

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