Crafting Powerful Strategy for Philanthropic Impact

Tuesday, May 7, 2019
10:00am - 12:00pm PDT
San Diego Grantmakers
5060 Shoreham Pl, Suite 350, San Diego, CA 92122
$0.00 - Members $50.00 - Non-Member Funders
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Without finely-honed organizational strategy, even the mightiest organization can miss the mark on the change it wants to make in the world. What drives the most successful organizational strategy? How do you ensure the data you take pains to collect has institutional meaning? How do we land the data plane on the strategy development runway to prepare our organizations for the future? 

Doug Green of La Piana Consulting will help participants merge the science of impact evaluation with the art of institutional foresight, learning, and planning.  

La Piana Consulting defines strategy as a coordinated set of actions designed to create and sustain a competitive advantage in achieving mission.  Using practical tools, participants will learn and practice the process of powerful strategy development, including assessment of the current data, scanning the environment for data and indicators that are most relevant to your goals, and establishing the baseline for strategy development or adjustment.  

Building on what we have learned together!  This session builds on a recent San Diego Grantmakers series on impact evaluation where we learned about theories of change, logic models, appreciative inquiry for evaluation and grantee-centered assessment.  While it is not a prerequisite to have attended the previous impact evaluation sessions, reviewing the materials from these sessions could help you get more out of the workshop on strategy development. 


Led by Doug Green of LaPiana Consulting, participants will consider the way to merge continuous improvement in impact evaluation with institutional foresight, learning, and planning. 

Doug works with foundation and nonprofit leaders to help them do their good work more effectively. His consulting is informed by diverse experiences with nonprofits and organizations in times of great change. In the 1980s S&L crisis, he supported the first modern interstate banking mergers with financial analysis. He also led an AIDS services organization during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and has been a consultant to nonprofits during the Great Recession and its uneven recovery. Doug thrives on challenges and enjoys partnering with clients on multifaceted projects that draw on his range of skills in communication, analysis, and group facilitation.

Doug is a skilled consultant, teacher, writer, financial analyst, and community-based researcher. He is an expert in large group facilitation and dialog, with a keen sense of how to move participants toward common understanding. He is also certified in the Myers-Briggs type indicator for leadership development and team building. His past clients include Lotusland, the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum, the California Network of Family Strengthening Networks, Kids and Families Together, San Diego Natural History Museum, and Surfrider Foundation.

While it is not a prerequisite to have attended the previous impact evaluation sessions, reviewing the materials from these sessions could help you get more out of this workshop. 

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