San Diego COVID-19 Funder Response Call

Thursday, June 11, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm PDT
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This event has passed. You may see the recording and other related materials on this page.

Join philanthropic funders for an overview of how some colleagues are developing their response to the impacts of COVID-19 in this region and a shared discussion about how individuals and institutions can support these responses and those individuals who are most impacted - low-income families, health-compromised individuals, small businesses, and more. ​

We are together as part of a thriving community of funders with a strong giving spirit. This call draws on that strength to connect us all and answer questions, and prepare us for a robust response now and in the months to come.​ 


While large scale responses through established organizations and agencies get off the ground with complex infrastructures, it is neighbors reaching out to neighbors who oftentimes reach the most vulnerable in our communities, particularly those who might have difficulty or hesitancy to access official channels of aid. Mutual aid embodies a communal approach to survival and civic engagement and rests on everyday people figuring out what they have -- time, money, a box of diapers, a caring ear to listen -- and how to safely share that with others. During the COVID-19 pandemic, that approach blossomed quickly, harnessing the compassion and determination of hundreds of volunteers across the county and a nearly 24-7 operation run from the homes of a few organizers. Grassroots organizations have also responded, ensuring the food and hygeine distributions take place, elder residents are looked in on, and no one is left behind. Philanthropy ideally allows for a redistribution of funds to community efforts. Mutual aid reminds us that community members care for one another regardless of funding, and it is philanthropy's response to be in relationship with those community members and follow their lead in the best ways to help.

We'll hear from community organizers who utilize the internet and word-of-mouth referrals to reach neighbors who urgently need food, diapers, and other critical items, but who cannot physically make it to the store or for whom it isn't safe for them to do so. Mutual aid is a coordinated system of dedicated volunteers who check-in with and look out for each other, connecting people who can help to those who need it without putting anyone's health at further risk.

This webinar will center mutual aid led by Black community organizers and highlight how to be an ally in their efforts.



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