State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Summit

Friday, October 19, 2018
8:00am - 5:00pm PDT
University of San Diego - Mother Rosalie Hill Hall
5330 Marian Way San Diego, CA 92110
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Presented by the The Nonprofit Institute

The purpose of the Summit is to highlight the current state of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy that supports it, as well as key trends that affect how these organizations are able to operate, fulfill their mission and meet critical needs in the community.

The opening session sets the stage by providing our audience with an up-to-date understanding of what our community of nonprofits and philanthropy looks like, their shared challenges, and recent findings from our research on broader trends among the nonprofit sector serving the San Diego region. The following session explores the role of nonprofits in providing ethical, compassionate leadership to address critical challenges at a time when many issues are polarizing. The afternoon workshops build off the morning discussions, with the intent to provide critical skills training in different topical areas of interest to nonprofit leadership and management.


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