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2018 Annual Conference Agenda*

Check In & Breakfast (8:00 - 8:45am)

Opening Remarks & Annual SDG Member Update (9:00 - 9:40am)

Morning Keynote: Phil Buchanan - President, The Center for Effective Philanthropy (9:40 - 10:20am)

Effective Philanthropy in Tumultuous Times

Effective philanthropy has always been a distinct and formidable process, and requires an understanding that pursuing positive social impact poses unique challenges such as the need for discipline and a unique skill set. The current uncertainty, political upheaval, and divisiveness in our country only compounds these challenges. How, for example, should funders define goals – and who should be consulted in this effort? Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) president Phil Buchanan will draw on CEP’s research and his experience working with hundreds of funders to address these and other crucial questions.

Morning Plenary: Trista Harris - Futurist, President, Minnesota Council on Foundations (10:30 - 11:20am)

Futurism and Philanthropy

An increasing rate of change makes the already challenging work of doing good, even more difficult. Nonprofits, foundations, donors, and social entrepreneurs all are trying to make the world a better place but are often using yesterday’s information to do so. What if we could predict the future and prepare for the coming realities that will impact our communities? Join Trista Harris as she takes us on an interactive journey where she’ll uncover signals of the future.

New this year! Register for our Impact Investing Track (11:30am - 2:30pm)

This interactive three-hour impact investment workshop for investment professionals, advisors, and decision makers who have intermediate to advanced exposure to the field will be led by Dana Bezerra, President of the Heron Foundation. Dana will share insights and key considerations for impact investors. Workshop attendees will have ample time to ask questions about the implementation of impact investment strategies relating to fiduciary duties, investment policy statements (IPS), portfolio construction, and performance analysis, and performance measurement. This session includes lunch and continuing education units are pending.

Breakout Sessions #1 (11:30 - 12:15pm)

A Brave New Philanthropic America – Addressing Racial Justice

By 2044, America will be a majority people of color nation. Yet, there are enormous inequities that people of color face in health, wealth, employment opportunities, and so on. In this session, Lakshmi Iyer will discuss how Corporate America must address advancing racial equity in order to drive their innovation and growth. She will present key findings from FSG and PolicyLink’s recent report, The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity. Edgar Villanueva will also offer real-world applications for grantmaking organizations to advance racial equity inside their institutions and through their investment strategies.


The Impact Generation – Respecting Legacy, Revolutionizing Giving

In this session, Nelli Garton and Vivian Long will discuss how a new generation of philanthropists, 'the impact generation', are shaping the way in which funding decisions are made. They will explore the shift in philanthropists' mindset and priorities, as well as innovative funding mechanisms that emerging changemakers are leveraging.


Feeding Nonprofit Effectiveness Must Not Starve Their Solutions

Human capital fuels the work, outcomes, and impact of nonprofits. In order to maximize and scale their impact, nonprofits need capacity. Historically, nonprofits have operated without enough headcount and infrastructure. In turn, programs have suffered and organizations have been deemed ineffective. The Full Cost Project addresses this issue by unveiling the true costs of running and scaling effective organizations so that funders can have full transparency to fiscal needs as they are assessing opportunities. In this session, Renee Patey will discuss the methodology and findings of the Full Cost Project, and share tools for funders to use in their grantmaking decisions.


  • Renee Patey, Director of Advisory Services, Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF)

Lunch and Networking (12:20 - 1:20pm)

Afternoon Panel (1:30 - 2:40pm)

Equitably Unapologetic – Funding Strategies That Catalyze Community-Led Success

Leveraging local voices is not only imperative to the success of philanthropic strategies, but also leads to more equitable outcomes. By engaging community stakeholders throughout the grantmaking process, grantmakers can ensure that their funds are being directed to areas of greatest need. In this session, panelists Ramla Sahid, Trista Harris, Jacqueline Garcel and Edgar Villanueva will share their experiences and highlight the value of engaging local changemakers in user-centered philanthropy.


Breakout Sessions #2 (2:45 - 3:35pm)

Partnering In Good Faith – Framing A New Funding Dynamic Built On Trust

Relationships are stronger, more successful, and communities benefit when the grantmaker/grantee dynamic is grounded it the core value of trust. Sharing current research and case studies, John Esterle and Nichole Hoeflich will highlight the value of engaging in trust-based philanthropy throughout the grantmaking process.


Impact Investment Architecture: Activating Capital to Deliver Community Solutions

With the intention of generating measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return, impact investing has come to the forefront of philanthropy in recent years. Dana Bezerra and David Lynn will discuss the value of impact investing, as well as the best tools to deploy capital to those who are often overlooked.


  • Dana Bezerra, President, Heron Foundation
  • David Lynn, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Mission Driven Finance

Closing Plenary (3:40 - 4:45pm)

The philanthropic sector is called to be bold in how it addresses social problems. To be bold means taking risks and being courageous. In the closing plenary, Skyler McCurine will share her story of how she catalyzed her courage to bring about positive changes in her community. Through an interactive experience, attendees will be inspired to take actions that challenge the existing status quo in how they and their organizations operate, and harness philanthropy that makes meaningful impacts in people’s lives..

Closing Performance by Culture Shock & Beachside Reception (4:45 - 6:00pm)