The Solutions


By implementing best practices, such as: 

  • Housing First: Providing people experiencing homelessness with the opportunity to live in a home as quickly as possible.
  • Permanent Supportive Housing: Linking permanent housing to supportive services necessary to help our most vulnerable achieve stability.
  • Rapid Re-Housing: Providing temporary financial assistance and services return those experiencing homelessness to permanent housing.
  • Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement System: A client-centered process that matches a person experiencing homelessness with the most appropriate housing option and prioritizes services based on individual need.


We make grants by invitation only to organizations or programs that meet the following funding priorities:

  • Are located in or serve the San Diego region.
  • Comply with or are working toward complying with the RTFH Community Standards.
  • Follow Housing First practices.
  • Target System Change, Youth & Families, Advocacy or Emerging Opportunities.

Program Evalution Tool for Funders

This tool can be used to score a program's compliance with the RTFH Community Standards.

PDF icon FTEHSD_ProgramEval_Tool.pdf367.27 KB