Impact Investing


Build an ecosystem to mobilize and align new investment capital to incubate and/or scale effective community solutions in San Diego.


A San Diego region with adequate capital to solve its most pressing challenges using strong evidence based practices and collaborative efforts. We envision a connected and robust impact investing ecosystem with a range of investment opportunities and a pipeline of innovative solutions. Our goal is to catalyze $100 million of new investment in our community by 2025.

San Diego could be a model for the nation to think differently about how communities can work together, break down silos and achieve real social, environmental and economic results. To achieve this vision we need to develop an impact investment ecosystem that effectively connects all stakeholders across San Diego’s diverse landscape.


  • Collaboration: Working together enhances and adds value to all of our work.
  • Creativity: Solutions to challenges can come from a variety of sources and encourage thinking outside the box.
  • Innovation: Think differently, act differently, and explore new ideas to solve intractable problems.
  • Risk Tolerance: Support a range of solutions knowing that not all will be successful.
  • Synergy: We know there is extensive overlap and opportunity to align work and focus on commonalities.
  • Tolerance for Developmental Process: Willingness to work through the messiness of building the market infrastructure, recognizing there is not a linear or single approach.
  • Humility: There are some things we do well and some things that others do better. We are committed to being reflective in identifying what is needed to advance our goals.
  • Transparency: Given that many of us have individual and organizational interests that intersect with this work, as well as those of the broader network, we are committed to being transparent about our interests, potential conflicts, processes and results.
  • Outcome Orientation: Focus on results and the impact of the work supported.
  • ROI and SROI: Balance financial and social/environmental impacts.
  • Action Orientation: Use actionable efforts to demonstrate the power of impact investments.