Investor Education


Asset owners want impact. Be it foundation staff, donors, angel investors, family office members, or anyone with a savings account, all can gain from better aligning their capital with the causes they care about.


The San Diego Impact Investor Network believes supports sharing information to support the ecosystem, but our primary focus is to educate through impact investing experiences.

Demonstration Projects

This means the creation of demonstration projects that offer philanthropists hand-on learning experiences in how to skillfully deploy catalytic capital impact capital in order to accelerate their missions.

And, each demonstration project we create offer the opportunity for investors to have impact investing experiences that teach how to make investments that have the potential for both financial returns and social/environmental impact.

Stay tuned as we roll out our first project in early 2019.

But what is Impact Investing?

Impact investing can take many forms. Want to turbo-charge your approach to tackling homelessness or gender equity in San Diego? From affordable housing to gender-lens investing, there are a multitude of high-impact investments that you can make to move the needle right here at home.

Remember: impact investing is so much more than photogenic twenty-somethings with a new tech that will transform the word and provide you double-digit returns.

Consider making a simple low-interest loan to your favorite San Diego non-profit. It’s simple, can move the needle and is relatively low-risk.

Or, do you want to support an organization, but want to keep your money profitably invested where you can accumulate earnings? If you are an accredited investor or a Tax Exempt Entity, consider putting up a letter of credit to support a social enterprise you feel passionate about. Some massively impactful impact funds have been built with funds being sourced almost entirely from letters of credit.

Here are two examples:

  • The Immigrant Access Fund: supports immigrants, including refugees, who arrive in Canada equipped with excellent professional skills and knowledge but face significant barriers to employment.
  • Micro-Credit Enterprises: Powered by its innovative Guarantor model, and with a special commitment to empowering women, MCE Social Capital makes loans to microlenders that empower people living in poverty to improve their lives.

These are just a few of a multitude of ways investors and philanthropists can work separately (and partner together) to address San Diego’s biggest challenges.

If you want to learn more right away, become a member of the San Diego Impact Investors Network and we will provide you with a consultation on how to harness market forces to accelerate your mission.


Finally, as our demonstration projects come on line we will be offering case-based, in-person courses that are specifically tailored to the San Diego Megaregion. In the meantime, if you have pressing need, please reach out to us directly to engage our services to to teach a custom course to your organization.

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