Education Synergy Alliance: Improving Equity & Excellence in Public Education Across San Diego County

Monday, November 16, 2015

As Former State Superintendent Delaine Eastin stood before the packed room of principals, superintendants, teachers, and community leaders from across San Diego County, the mood of the audience began to shift from expectation to inspiration. By the end of the day at the P3SD Conference – San Diego’s first-ever conference focused entirely on improving prenatal to third grade education – participants laid the groundwork for a regional plan to improve the county’s early education system while sharing expertise and experience with one another.

Two years ago, an event like this would have been unlikely. But through the efforts of San Diego’s Education Synergy Alliance (ESA), a community innovation launched in 2013 by 25 local leaders convened by San Diego Grantmakers, San Diego County has been making strides in improving the excellence of public education through large-scale, evidence-based education initiatives.

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