Enhanced Learning for Better Grantmaking in 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

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It’s been about a year and half since the San Diego Grantmakers team grew with the addition of Beeta Jahedi as our Senior Director of Learning and Programs. With Beeta at the programming helm, and with guidance from a dedicated Program Committee, we’ve been able to step up our educational and networking offerings to better meet our members’ needs. A few highlights include:

  • More programs coordinated in partnership with our members, nonprofits, and other infrastructure organizations, including Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego; International Community Foundation; Leichtag Foundation; North County Philanthropy Council; U.S.-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership; our sister associations in Los Angeles and San Francisco; and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

  • Better continuity of subject matter, such as the half-day Equity Event that marked the launch of an Equity Series

  • Top-caliber national and local speakers, including GuideStar CEO Jacob Harold, Fay Twersky from Hewlett Foundation, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, and the region’s top experts on sex trafficking

But there’s even more ahead for grantmaker learning in 2017 – here’s a sneak peek of what to expect.

New & Improved Programs Series

We’re revamping our existing programs series and launching couple new ones – look for our new logos to accompany each so you can more easily recognize the learning objectives.

Core Grantmaking Skills programs will build funders’ aptitude and make the practice of philanthropy more efficient and effective
Spotlight programs focus on specific community, social, and environmental issues that are particularly timely and important
Equity Series programs (kicked off by The Equity Event last year) will increase philanthropic practices and giving that improves the economic, social, and physical well being of all people
Learning Tours will get grantmakers out from behind their desks and into the field. This year we plan to explore East San Diego County!
Member Briefings utilize SDG’s planning and logistical support to help members plan a program around a topic of their choosing
Rabble Rousers programs feature leaders whose experience, expertise, and opinions challenge you to give in ways you might not have previously considered
Corporate Philanthropy programs address the specific needs of those who work in corporate philanthropy
Executive Convenings provide a confidential space for invited philanthropy leaders to forge stronger relationships with one another that will advance their organizations’ work and the field more broadly

Less Is More

In this age of information overload, we’re trying to break through the clutter without adding to it. Keep an eye out for more regularly scheduled programming and collaboration meetings emails as well as communications that are better targeted according to your interests (you can help with this by keeping your professional and funding interest areas current in your online member profile).

Mixing Up the Locations & Times

We’re making a concerted effort to have our program venues better reflect the geographic diversity of our membership. We will do our best to avoid times of heavy traffic and prioritize convenient parking and proximity to major highways. Please plan ahead if this means minor road trips for you to attend, and maybe even utilize the new Member Directory to schedule a carpool with a nearby philanthro-buddy.

Expanded Access for Enriched Learning

We will continue to co-plan programs with members and other philanthropy partners in order to combine the expertise and resources of multiple organizations for a more comprehensive learning experience. Cross-sector programs are also something we'll continue to offer as appropriate.

Perhaps most importantly, we want more and new funders to join our community. Help enrich your SDG network by personally asking non-members or members who you don’t see very often to join you at upcoming events. A good one to start with is the 2017 Annual Conference – every member who gets a non-member grantmaker to register will receive 20% off their own registration! Email us for more details.

Support Our Efforts

You can invest in these efforts to provide quality grantmaker learning by sponsoring the 2017 Annual Conference, a program series or by providing general operating support.

We hope you’ve noticed these improvements in our programming. Keep expecting more, with fresh formats and cutting edge speakers. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best.

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