Job Opportunity: Program Officer, Alliance Healthcare Foundation

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is looking for a Program Officer to join their diverse and talented team. The Program Officer will play an integral role in providing ongoing strategic support, capacity, and project management for AHF’s many community partnerships, in order to maximize the potential for those efforts to achieve their impact goals. This position will provide a unique, entrepreneurial opportunity to apply your skills, experience and resourcefulness. You will be engaging with leading, senior, mission-oriented leaders at nonprofits, government, businesses, and healthcare organizations. If you would like to leverage your talents to better the world, this may be the place for you. AHF is looking for an individual who demonstrates the following attributes and characteristics:

  • Strong commitment to the Foundation’s vision, values and mission
  • A demonstrated ability to navigate complex social and health issues with a variety of stakeholders from all backgrounds and lived experience (community members within vulnerable target populations, executive and operational leadership across a variety of sectors, government officials and their staff, stakeholders from both public and private entities, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurial, strategic, thoughtful, and creative, as well as highly skilled and effective at implementation and follow-through
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, dependable “can-do” unflappable self-starter with grit, mastery, polish and excellent overall communication (oral and written) skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with a natural preference and ability to work with others as part of a collaborative and high-performing team
  • Excellent time management skills; ability to prioritize and consistently meet deadlines with minimal supervision
  • Coachable team player
  • Aptitude for proactively identifying and resourcefully resolving issues

Position Overview:

The Program Officer is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of AHF’s programs in partnership with the Executive Director, Board of Trustees and Board Committees. This includes project management, implementation and daily management of activities to achieve desired outcomes. The Program Officer is also responsible for the creation of project budgets and management of program expenditures.

C-Suite Administration

  • Work in close collaboration with senior leadership to implement and communicate strategic priorities and goals to internal and external stakeholders and enhance alignment and integration across AHF’s mission areas
  • Ensure AHF has effective administrative, operational, contracts, compliance, and financial procedures that meet our goals and objectivess
  • Support organizational and board committees, ad-hoc committees, and working groups that pertain to AHF’S efforts and ensure work product is high-quality and produced in a timely manners
  • Manage and create a thematic board meeting calendar and plan with Executive Directors
  • Work collaboratively with the team to coordinate on issues, meeting schedules, press, testimony, etc.
  • Maintain a deep understanding of current health and social issues facing the San Diego and Imperial County region, as well as key stakeholders and organizations working to affect positive changes
  • Maintain knowledge of relevant policies and legislation that impacts social and health outcomes for AHF’s target populationss
  • Develop deep understanding of AHF’s culture with a central focus on building trust and relationships with all team members and organizations we partner withs
  • Explore and identify best practices from other organizations and regions to incorporate into AHF
  • Help develop, coach and empower staff members
  • Define, activate, and help lead initiatives critical to achieving AHF’s objectives; work with leadership to ensure strategic alignment and effective execution of strategy
  • Coordinate and optimize regular strategic planning process

Program Development

  • Further development of InvestUp, Impact Investment, and i2 Innovation Initiatives
  • Foster and facilitate the growth of existing and new organizational relationships
  • Raise awareness and build resources
  • Evaluate and produce recommendations for potential investments or grant partnerships
  • Facilitate site-visits to promote development
  • May include formation/incubation, identification/implementation of new strategic partnerships and organizational design and/or governance

Knowledge & Skills Requirements

  • 5+ years of professional experience in leadership, philanthropy, policy, economic development, government, or related field required.
  • Visionary and strategic thinking skills- great at connecting the dots and seeing pattern.
  • Sound understanding of all internal functions of an organization and demonstrated ability to execute implementation plans.
  • Track record of success with managing systems, operations, and teams.
  • Strong leadership skills to mentor and motivate staff to reach development goals.
  • Proven experience in researching and composing reports on complex topics.
  • Analytical, multi-tasker, and adapts to change well.
  • Broad, deep, and current knowledge of business strategy.
  • Demonstrated experience presenting to C-suite and Board level audiences.
  • Mastery level skills with Microsoft Office Suite, typing & Google drive/sheets/docs (demonstrated through skills test scores).
  • Bachelor’s degree required.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to: [email protected]

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