Program Materials from 'Advancing Strategy: How to Lead Change in Corporate Societal Engagement'

Publication date: 
August, 2017

In corporate societal engagement, strategic clarity and focused results are not accidental – they are achieved through inquiry, intentionality, and investment. We often find executives aspiring for change but lacking the necessary tools and approaches to spearhead that shift. The destination is clear – transforming their portfolio from oftentimes disparate legacy giving to a results-focused, business-aligned societal engagement – but there are also challenges to implementing the strategy. Legacy mindsets, capabilities, and processes can undermine the most clearly articulated strategy.

Managing Director Lalitha Vaidyanathan of FSG led this interactive learning lab designed to help corporate foundation and CSR leaders develop and implement effective corporate societal engagement strategies. This session included a series of activities to practice using a set of real-world strategy planning tools that you can use to refine the strategic intent of your CSR portfolio, articulate specific societal impact goals aligned with your business priorities, and strengthen your approach to local giving.

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