Program Materials from 'Full Cost Project - One-Day Workshop: Unpacking Full Cost'

Publication date: 
July, 2017

The Full Cost Project is a statewide initiative by Philanthropy CA to increase the number of funders that provide real-cost funding - that is, whose grantmaking decisions are informed by all of the costs necessary for nonprofits to deliver on their missions and be sustainable over time.

Instead of focusing on nonprofit "overhead," the Full Cost Project encourages a focus on outcomes and the role funders want their grant dollars to play in achieving those outcomes.

The highly regarded Nonprofit Finance Fund led this full-day workshop (6 hours of content + breaks and lunch) designed to help leadership of both nonprofits and funders dive deeper into understanding the full costs of building resilient nonprofit organizations. Participants learned the components that make up full cost and learn how to prioritize full cost needs for their own or a grantee organization. They explored the policies and practices in the sector that may unintentionally undermine attempts at full cost funding. Activities around communication will help ‘both sides of the table’ better understand each other’s perspectives.


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