Program Materials from Grantmaking 101: Developing assessment measures that provide meaningful information for grantmakers and nonprofit leaders

Publication date: 
January, 2019

How do we know the change we are funding is actually the change that is happening? Data collected from your grantees is invaluable to drive your internal decision-making and planning. While it is important to understand the impact your grantees make in their communities, it is essential to fine-tune the kinds of information you collect that will be most useful for your organization and your grantees.

In this hands-on interactive session, attendees learned about and practiced a grantee-centered approach to developing assessment measures that provide the most meaningful data to funders and grantees.

Topics Covered:

  • Who is best served by different types of data, with discussions on the perspectives of nonprofits, funders, and community stakeholders.
  • How to go about developing assessment measures that accurately reflect the work of your grantees, while respecting your grantees’ time and resources.
  • The use of different qualitative and quantitative data points to paint a more holistic picture of impact.
  • The different approaches used to collect the data you need, and the pros and cons of different data types and collection methods.


This workshop series was presented by Paul Watson, Jr. and Dr. William Oswald from Global Action Research Center (Global ARC), a San Diego-based nonprofit organization that works to support the development of Healthy People, Healthy Places, and Healthy Communities through increased civic participation. The Global ARC was founded in 2009 for the purpose of bridging the gap between science and community to facilitate healthy community development. 

Paul Watson, Jr is President/CEO of the Global Action Research Center. Formerly Executive Director of the Training and Research Institute for Residential Youth Centers in New Haven, CT; San Diego Youth and Community Services; and Watson and Associates International. 

William Oswald, Ph.D. is Associate Executive Director of the Global Action Research Center. Formerly Executive Director for Foundation for Change; Director of Community Development for Tenants United for Public Housing Project; and Assistant Dean, School of Human Services at Springfield College, San Diego.

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