Program Materials from 'Rabble Rouser: Alan Jenkins'

Publication date: 
May, 2017

Grantmakers and grantees alike often struggle to talk effectively about the importance of racial, gender, economic, and other types of equity in their work. That task has become even more difficult in the current environment, which is often dominated by division, polarization, and fear. Yet, when it comes to equity, persuading skeptical audiences, activating existing supporters, and engaging those with whom we disagree are increasingly necessary skills for successful programming.  Also important is understanding the role of different media platforms for reaching and moving disparate audiences. Fortunately, research and experience from around the country point to clear lessons for communicating successfully about equity and promoting positive solutions.  

In this presentation called "Ten Lessons for Talking About Equity in a New Era," Alan Jenkins of The Opportunity Agenda shared best practices and new approaches for moving hearts and minds and promoting solutions that advance equity across issues and communities. He also shared the results of new public opinion and media research, highlight relevant case studies, and offer practical tips designed for donors and those they support.