San Diego Food Bank Nutrition Policy

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October, 2017
San Diego Food Bank

The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank networks with other Food Banks across the nation to share best practices and ensure we are on the cutting edge of innovation.  The Food Bank currently incorporate the following strategies:

  •          Ongoing development and refinement of out Nutrition Policy that defines policies for purchased product & distributed product.  The purchased product portion defines what food purchases we make.  The distributed product portion has been implemented in phases.
    •    In September 2014 we eliminated distribution of soda, energy drinks, and candy
    •    In September 2015 we eliminated the distribution of sports drinks and fruit juice drinks other than 100% fruit juice
    •    In March 2017 we eliminated the distribution of frozen desserts or ice cream products
  •          Utilizes the Choose Healthy Options Program (CHOP) as a tool to rank the nutrient quality of the food being donated or purchased. The CHOP program scores foods into three primary categories based upon nutritional quality:
    •    Choose Frequently
    •    Choose Often
    •    Choose Sparingly
  •          Our strategic plan sets a goal of reaching 50% of all food distributed being fresh fruits and vegetables.  Our daily work and capacity building efforts with our 400+ nonprofit partners is striving toward that end goal.
  •          A large portion of our produce is purchased through CAFB’s Farm-to-Family program.  In addition, this year we will receive state CalFood funding to purchase additional California grown products. The current plan is to focus those resources on fresh produce, dairy, and meat.
  •          We work in collaboration with the following nutrition organizations to make our impact larger:
    •    Leah’s Pantry/ to distribute recipe cards and online recipe resources
    •    SuperFood Drive to assess and implement strategies toward “nutrition pantries”
    •    County of San Diego Healthy Retail to gain promotional materials that endorse the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables
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