STEAM Funders

The STEAM Funders support education and training that contributes to a workforce pipeline trained in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, with strong creativity and interpersonal skills.

Established in July 2016, the STEAM Funders maintain strong connections to the San Diego STEM Ecosystem Initiative spearheaded by Fleet Science Center and also explore other opportunities to contribute to this field. In 2017, they identified women/girls and students of color as their primary focus and began to work with the Women in STEM working group to which they made a general operating support grant. In 2018, the STEAM Funders goals are to: support the San Diego STEM Ecosystem Initiative through funding to the Women in STEM working group; build connections with regional STEAM nonprofits through a “meet the funders” gathering; and continue to network among one another and seek opportunities to co-fund projects and organizations.

Active grantmaking: Women in STEM

STEAM Funders Launch STEM Mentorship Hub for Women and Girls 

According to the National Science Foundation [], women make up half of the total U.S. college-educated workforce, but just 29 percent of the science and engineering workforce. Funding by the STEAM Funders to the STEM Ecosystem Initiative Women in STEM working group [] supports their work to address this inequity in San Diego County.


STEAM Education Funders Members

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